As members of Exeter CWA we cultivate friendships among ourselves whilst extending our boundaries by:

* Learning about another country- each year a 'Country of study' is chosen at the State conference;

*Appreciating Cultural and Culinary arts;

*Using and Learning new and old handicraft skills;

*Being aware of Agricultural and Environmental issues;

*Participating in group and Community events;

*Promoting CWA through publicity in local media/ newspapers;

*Raising funds to support local and CWA charities- and our local schools- check out our activities to see what's happening now

*Hosting events for rural community awareness e.g. Dung Beetles, Country 101 and Melbourne Cup Functions.

We Support:
* NSW CWA charities including Royal Flying Doctors, Drought Relief, Cancer Support, ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World), South East Pacific Region (with mother / baby packs), Material Aid;
* Our twin group - Oxley particularly recycled quilt and sewing activities;
* Drought relief;
* Local Community - Education donations to Exeter Public School;
* Local Can Assist;
* Members with friendship and emotional support


Each October we hold a General meeting when office bearers are elected.

Each year we elect  two councillors to represent Exeter at Group council meetings and two delegates for the yearly conference and state conference. Any member can go to group and state meetings- it is great to see the BIG PICTURE.