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Craft Workshop

Results of our recent craft workshop


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The CWA Country of Study for 2016 is Mongolia.

This is its National Flag


The State International Seminar
Several branch members attended this seminar held in Canberra in late January. We were treated to a wonderful series of talks covering the culture and history of Mongolia; as well as current issues and modern life. And a marvellous fashion parade of traditional and modern Mongolian dress.
The PowerPoint presentations from that Seminar are available on the CWA of NSW web-site
International Seminar on Mongolia 2016.

Models of Mongolian National costumes
Mongolian stamps 2Mongolian stampsMongolian furs













Exeter Public School
Closer to home, the Years 5 &6 children of the Exeter Public School have maintained a connection with the Country of Study through a special interest project taught by a (non-CWA) volunteer. The children are learning how to set up a web-site and using Mongolia as the content. You can see how well they are tackling this by visiting http://www.exetermongolia.com/.
Branch and Group International Days
This year there will be no branch International Day as we were to have combined with the Wollondilly Group International Day on 4th June. That day had to be cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions. A great pity as a very interesting combination of speakers and topics had been organised. However, branch members have already attended a number of the events put on by other branches and will be attending others.





Aliki Darlow
Exeter Branch and Wollondilly Group International Officer

Group Cultural Day 2015

Group Cultural DayGroup Cultural Day
On 20th July, in a festive mood, seven members set off for the Group Cultural Day at Kangaroo Valley. The Hall was filled with members of the Wollondilly Group branches – colourfully dressed and ready to sing, dance, recite and eat their way through the day to a theme of Christmas in July. Exeter contributed by performing ‘O Soldier won’t you marry me’. A fun day!


Land Cookery Day

Land Cookery Day in Kiama in November featured some interesting demonstrations, including one , featured here, on the science of getting the right dough consistencies with different flours.


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ACWW Women Walk for the World - 29th April 2014


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Awareness Day

On Monday, 10th  September  2012 Exeter CWA held their "Awareness Day".

Members were asked to attend a morning tea, bring a plate, a friend and wear their pearls!

Members attended bringing  friends , some of whom were newly arrived neighbours. 

Guests received gifts, many of  our supporters were acknowledged   and everyone enjoyed the morning tea and welcoming meeting chaired by our president, Rhondda Vanzella.

OJ Rushton put together a very funny musical rendition about Exeter Village which received a lot of laughs!

Nova Miller gave a very clever delivery on "Communication" which gave a lovely insight into her years growing up.

Exeter CWA has attracted a number of new members over the past few months with a few more new memberships expected after Monday's "Awareness Day".

A wonderful morning of friendship that certainly showcased just what Exeter CWA is all about.



ACWW Women Walk For The World

Monday, 14th May 2013

This is a major fundraising effort involving all member countries in the World.

The aims of this very special fundraising effort, are to raise the ACWW image, to promote ACWW and to increase the funds.

This is not an annual fundraiser. It is special for this year!!

We will meet at the Exeter Hall for a one hour meeting at 12.30pm

Then three options: YOUR CHOICE!

  1. Enjoy a ramble through the lovely property of “Whare Tua” at the corner of Yarwood Drive and then through a side gate onto the Drive
  2. Continue walking right through to the Exeter Studio restaurant for 3pm (http://www.exeterstudiorestaurant.com.au)
  3. Drive directly to Exeter Studio restaurant for 3pm – no walking on this day

Eon, the chef at Exeter Studio, has been incredibly generous to us, for this event.

Our Branch committee has decided to set the fee for the day at $15.00 which includes your walk (donation or sponsorship) and the afternoon tea. If you plan not to walk it is assumed you will still support the afternoon by paying the $15. Obviously if you raise more funds  ….all the better for ACWW.

Please encourage your friends and family to enjoy this afternoon fundraiser with us.

Again, please RSVP by Friday 11th May This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enable numbers to be provided to the restaurant!!



Sewing Day

"Japanese Lunch Bags"

img 2449On 23 April 2012, under the guidance of Pat de Corsie (Handicraft Officer), a number of Exeter CWA img 2446members learnt how to make a Japanese lunch bag.

Many members brought their own sewing machines and were ably taught, step by step how to create one of these fabulous bags.img 2458img 2454

It was a great chance to get together outside of the normal meeting time and many laughs were had - as usual!

Thanks so much to Pat for passing on her expertise!

  • Social Issues

    "The Country Womens Association of New South Wales is requesting that the State and Federal Governments develop legislation to protect prime agricultural land from mining activities that could impact on agricultural food production and ground and surface water systems."

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