CWA members are really committed to is … Fundraising!
The first CWA branch to be formed was in Crookwell in 1922, closely followed in its first year by another 67. The Branches started raising money to achieve their needs for their local communities. Methods chosen were as varied as they are today. Its members’ immediate priorities were to secure and furnish rest rooms for women and their children when they came to town, purchasing seaside holiday homes, financing a midwife to a local hospital, purchasing a piano for a community hall, or premises for a school teacher.

In the Highlands today, the eight branches each have their preferred methods, and the choices of the beneficiaries is diverse, but always towards improving life for women and families.
Also, there are specific activities supported primarily by CWA. These include scholarships for tertiary students from remote areas and for rural health professionals, disaster relief, emergencies, and medical research.  Significant fund raising comes from the endeavours over the days of the RAS Easter Show with the highly popular CWA Tea Rooms, with many members staffing shifts over the event. The CWA is very grateful for the support of so many members, general public, businesses and other smaller charities for the CWA Drought Relief program which is still on going. At its recent State Conference in Albury, a $34,000 cheque was handed over for further endometriosis research. This fundraiser will continue through 2019 - 2020.

Bundanoon CWA members use Winterfest in July as one of their main fundraising activities. They are popularly and regularly seen with their stall in the village.

Pat Hughes
Wollondilly Group Publicity – The Highlands