One doesn’t need a Diploma in Scone Making to become a member of CWA, nor does one need to be an Australian national, live in the country or be above or below a certain age!
Membership is open to all women, is not aligned to any political party, but its ethics of patriotism, spirituality and purpose, is evident in the Motto which is said at the start of any meeting or gathering.   “Honour to God, Loyalty to the Throne, Service to the Country, Through Country Women, For Country Women, By Country Women”.
Junior membership is available for girls under 18. Their membership can be transferred to Adult. Some Juniors are granddaughters! They can be involved in some activities of the adult branch, and they are also entitled to participate in a range of children’s competitions. In some areas of the state there are branches that run a cooking or handicraft day during the school holidays for their juniors. There is ongoing interest in possibly the future formation of school groups under the guidance of a teacher.
Meetings for the seven  Southern Highlands branches are on various days and times, including two evening branches. Each has a “personality of its own” but all with the same goals to assist in whatever ways they can to improve the lives of rural women, families and communities.
Through membership of CWA, members can become interested and involved in the work of the Associated Country Women of the World. Our interest heightened this year with the World Conference having been held in Melbourne. In June 2020, the South Pacific Area of ACWW will be holding its triennial conference in Papua New Guinea.
Membership enquiries to Jennifer Blinkhorn ph: 0416 082 918
Pat Hughes
Wollondilly Group Publicity (The Highlands)