At this time of the year we are starting to wind down towards Christmas and the long school holidays … however for CWA members the new CWA year has begun! All branches have had their annual elections, decisions on dispersal of fund-raising monies for the year has been decided, and the State Office has announced the study areas for the year ahead. These being the Koala, Kurrajong tree and the foe, Carp fish. The Country of Study will be Papua New Guinea.
Next month will be the end of year Presentations Nights for the local primary schools and some CWA branches choose this event for a donation to the school library, and to recognise a student with a financial grant as he/she moves on to high school. The Wollondilly Group Education Award this year will to a year 6 student at Exeter Public School.
Fundraising by branches will continue with Christmas themed stalls. CWA has been well publicised in the media during this time with its support of rural families through the contributions from the CWA Drought Relief Fund. The CWA Drought Relief team is distributing the donated monies in response to requests. Applications are handled by State Office, with the form of the grant being directly into bank accounts. At the time of writing 1,922 families have been supported.
Other CWA major areas of support by branch fundraising include the rural doctors’ scholarships, educational grants, medical research, and the Associated Country Women of the World. Branches also fundraise to support various local community groups and projects.

Pat Hughes
Wollondilly Group Publicity Officer (Highlands)