“Global movement for women’s rights”

UN International Women’s Day theme for this year is “Time is now: rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives”. This day recognizes women, their roles in the home and community and their rights to overcome some problems they may be facing in their cultures and countries.

CWA is a member society of the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW). This organisation was founded in 1929, with a similar purpose to this year’s theme.
It comprises women-led, non-political societies and groups working collectively for the shared vision of an improved quality of life for women and communities world-wide. There are currently 420 member societies in 73 countries.

This month, the ACWW World President will be attending the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and at this Conference, the Global Survey of the Living Conditions of Rural Women will be launched. This survey will be coordinated by ACWW.

CWA members become involved in ACWW by participating in their branch support activities, and individuals may also take out memberships. These support activities may be specific fundraising or collecting requirements to assist members in developing countries.
Every April, the ACWW Walk the World fundraiser is held. Highland branches are involved each year. The funds raised are used by member societies, who can apply for funding of small amounts for a specific purpose e.g purchase of a sewing machine to sew for their hospital, to buy seeds or garden tools to provide better food. These projects are run by the local women and are carefully monitored and assisted by the ACWW.

Former State Vice President, Kit Bright OAM of Moss Vale Branch has attended four World Conferences. She was one of 642 participants at the 2016 World Conference in England.

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Wollondilly Group Publicity – Highlands
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