Christmas is a time of family, of sharing and of giving, thinking of others and recognising/acknowledging our spiritual heritage.
Throughout the year, as well as the fundraising efforts of CWA members, the branches have been collecting and making goods to give to the various areas that are supported by this Association. Some are for “Mother and Baby packs”, “Material Aid” (sewing needs e.g. zips), and school stationery items for overseas countries, primarily in the South Pacific and remote Australia, these are sent through our CWA membership of ACWW. CWA is a member organisation within the Associated Country Women of the World international organisation.

The CWA sponsors a Family Room at Ronald McDonald House, and many individual branches support the families of long stay children through provision of “comfort” needs such as stamped cards and envelopes, toiletries, very good quality teas, coffee and biscuits. Hospitals are also grateful to receive teddies, trauma dolls, premmie babies clothing, condolence quilts, and recently it has been noted that Bowral Hospital is requesting unused airline eye shades. Items for nursing homes such as “twiddle muffs’, bed socks, rugs and large bibs are also in demand.

Red poppies by the thousands, that have been knitted and crocheted for these very significant World War commemoration years.
Members have quickly responded to farmers with their request for lamb jumpers for orphaned lambs whose mothers have died due to birth stress and their poor condition due drought conditions. Lambs across the state must be looking very colourful this season!

Pat Hughes
Wollondilly Group Publicity Officer (Highlands)