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Faith in Our Future

One of our local heroes supporting the cause....

Here is Ross Hawke - aka Hawkeye - who is one of our local heroes (and a great earthworks man) who is helping to support our cause, with his trusty assistant 'SANDY' - a nemesis to the rabbit population! Thank you, Ross!

another of our local heroes......

Local Hero

John is another of our local heroes who is supporting our Crazy Cozies cause.... thank you, John!!

And so to the day! Well the day before really...

And so to the day! Well the day before really...
With over 12 months hard work, we finally made it to the day but even before we could open the doors there was a lot of preparation.

Here are just some of the photos that show the work and effort put in by a great team to make the day the success that it was.


One of the Hall Team Members bring in yet another load of cozies for display - remember there were almost 400!




Where do you find the best tradesmen?

Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to find really good tradesmen when you need them? That's because all the best ones are right here in the little village of Exeter! Here we see Miclan Trees & Gardens men hard at work...well, preparing to get ready for being hard at work - they don't like to be rushed over their morning cuppa and scones!

Now, we don't take our 'tradies' for granted. No siree.... we like to spoil them a little (well we all know how sensitive tradesmen can be!) Our tradies have a well developed feminine side (but we don't like to advertise that...)

Here in Exeter, they are taking some time out to have a nice cup of tea and a bit of a relax before they busy themselves getting to your job.

You're probably wondering why they are wearing crazy cozies on their heads? Well, because they all love women so much they wanted to help the Exeter CWA promote our Crazy Cozies Competition which is raising funds to help women with breast cancer in rural and regional areas of Australia.

So if you are looking for just about the best tradesmen in the whole wide world... come to Exeter, and share a cup of tea and a good old relax with some of ours (you might even meet some at our Crazy Cozies Sale Day on 10th October at the Exeter Village Hall!)....

and the winners are......

With almost 200 entries to judge the Crazy Cozies Competition Prize Winners are:

First Prize of $250:
Melinda Binkens of Kiama Downs for her felted cozy - ‘Pot-a-roo’

Melinda describes herself as a "happy felter"

Runner up $50 plus a signed copy of Wild Tea Cosies:
Kay Heath of Exeter for her knitted cozy - ‘Best Breast’

First prize of $250:
Lynette Meek of Vancouver Island Canada for her knitted cozy -Waltzing Matilda’s Wreaths of Hope

Lynette has had friends and acquaintances touched by breast cancer. This cause became very close to heart for her and also tea cozies are one of her favourite items to knit. Lynette teaches knitting and works at Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns in Nanaimo, B.C, Canada.

Runner up $50 plus a signed copy of Wild Tea Cosies:
Carol Corrigan of Bundanoon for her knitted cozy – ‘Blinky Bill’

Carol is retired and loves her grandson, gardening and craft.

First Prize of $250:
CWA Berry Branch for their knitted cozy - ‘CWA Catering Cozy’

Runner up $50 plus a signed copy of Wild Tea Cosies:
Joyce Brown of Kiama for her knitted cozy – ‘A Posy of Flowers’

Congratulations to those who won and thank you again to everyone who entered. The day was a truly magical one.

Knit Today in the UK features a story on Crazy Cozies...

Just when we thought all the excitement was over and done with and the Crazy Cozies project was all but a distant memory bar the official handing over of the monies we raised to the McGrath Foundation - Knit Today in the UK features a lovely story on our project.

Here's the link if you would like to read it

We do hope you enjoy it!...

the day finally arrived

It took almost 12 months of wonderful knit ins, promotion and planning but the day finally arrived.

The weather leading up had not been kind to us at all and to be honest, when I looked out my window on Saturday morning and conferred with my family we had agreed that the entire event should go indoors.