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ACWW Women Walk For The World

Monday, 14th May 2013

This is a major fundraising effort involving all member countries in the World.

The aims of this very special fundraising effort, are to raise the ACWW image, to promote ACWW and to increase the funds.

This is not an annual fundraiser. It is special for this year!!

We will meet at the Exeter Hall for a one hour meeting at 12.30pm

Then three options: YOUR CHOICE!

  1. Enjoy a ramble through the lovely property of “Whare Tua” at the corner of Yarwood Drive and then through a side gate onto the Drive
  2. Continue walking right through to the Exeter Studio restaurant for 3pm (http://www.exeterstudiorestaurant.com.au)
  3. Drive directly to Exeter Studio restaurant for 3pm – no walking on this day

Eon, the chef at Exeter Studio, has been incredibly generous to us, for this event.

Our Branch committee has decided to set the fee for the day at $15.00 which includes your walk (donation or sponsorship) and the afternoon tea. If you plan not to walk it is assumed you will still support the afternoon by paying the $15. Obviously if you raise more funds  ….all the better for ACWW.

Please encourage your friends and family to enjoy this afternoon fundraiser with us.

Again, please RSVP by Friday 11th May This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enable numbers to be provided to the restaurant!!



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