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SHN for Monday, 16th April 2018

“The sweetest treat from the CWA”

Scone making is considered by many as a traditional activity of the CWA! Certainly, this would not be easy to disprove with the efforts of Bowral branch of the CWA at Tulip Time, and the teams of ladies who man the CWA Tea rooms at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show.
Each year members, from various Wollondilly Group branches, volunteer for shifts at the Show, making and serving tea and fresh scones. About 24 workers are needed for each morning and afternoon shift. Overall this is about 200 members and 100 husbands and family members who support CWA by assisting at this event. The sponsors who donate the required ingredients, are very gratefully recognised.
The CWA Tea rooms have been running each year since 1947, originally manned by city members. This year members came from such distant towns as Armidale, Griffith, Forbes and Albury. Wollondilly Group members from Southern Highlands Evening, Kiama Evening, Moss Vale and Nowra branches, worked shifts.
On Good Friday, a new record was achieved – 5124 scones.
Bowral Branch is celebrated for its efforts during Tulip Time, when refreshments are served to hundreds during this time. The kitchen is under the guidance of Jean Woodman. She has taught for many years the skills involved in making the perfect scones to CWA members, and girls. The CWA tradition continues!
At this time each year, and at Tulip Time, the discussion on scones seems to evolve as to whether the jam is spread first or the cream!

Pat Hughes
Wollondilly Group Publicity (Highlands)


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