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Oz Harvest Picking Day at Olsson’s Orchard at Moss Vale 1st March 2014

1st March dawned with torrential rain. A group of members had answered the invitation from Oz Harvest to assist with their fruit picking which had been donated by this orchard, for distribution to charities for feeding those in need. One of the horticulturalists spoke to us about the different fruits and way for us to pick. Then we headed out from the shelter umbrella with its freshly brewed coffee and home-made cakes to pick apples, pears, plums, quinces, and grapes. What a great morning it was, as we trudged about in our gumboots and rain gear. We all felt pleased that we had spent our time doing something really worthwhile. We offered to assist later in the year when citrus is to be harvested, and we invited Kate Kutty to speak at a Branch meeting, which she did in May.

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