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Taste of Sydney



The Exeter CWA is very lucky to be involved with the popular "Taste of Sydney" which is running from 8 – 11 March , 2012.

This fabulous event will be held in Centennial Parklands, Sydney.

Exeter CWA members will be conducting cooking demonstrations of "tried and true" family recipes of relishes, chutneys and more! at the times listed below: We will also be selling jars of these delicious condiments, launching our next fund raising competition, selling raffle tickets for a scrumptious prize and showcasing the many other ways in which we work in our communities with not a cooking pot in sight! Cooking may be the catalyst on this occasion, but the messages are very much about nutrition, sustainable food, involving the younger generation in the preparation of food, community engagement and the legacy of a fine recipe and tradition of service in our community.Rhondda-and-Grandaughter2

Thursday 8 March 5.30 to 9.30pm

Friday 9 March 12pm-4pm and 5.30pm -9.30pm

Saturday 10 March 12pm-4pm and 5.30 to 9.30pm

Sunday 11 March 12pm-5.30pm

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    "The Country Womens Association of New South Wales is requesting that the State and Federal Governments develop legislation to protect prime agricultural land from mining activities that could impact on agricultural food production and ground and surface water systems."

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